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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Jeff Adams Real Estate Seminar Four Tips for Building Inventory

Jeff Adams Real Estate Seminar Let's look at four tips and tools you can use to position yourself as the go-to agent for Building Inventory in your market.

Systematically work For Sale 

Send them something. Get voice-to-voice. Go see them. Since they are already motivated sellers-make sure they know how motivated you are to help them achieve the results you want!

The potential seller 

Another strategy came from one of our top agent customers who, before all listing appointment, creates a PDF version of a Just Listed postcard with an image of the potential seller's house and all listing information and includes it in every listing presentation as an example of the marketing that she will get started immediately upon getting their signature. 

Host an Open House

Especially in areas where homes are just starting to turn over, you all more than likely shake out the 3-4 other house owners in the neighborhood who have been thinking about selling? Be sure to do your homework though picture the neighborhood well in advance of your open house. Send open house cards or flyers to your existing sphere of power or farm areas as well. Some agents create an open house field day where they all advertise 3-6 open houses all on the same day, one right after the other. When you have more creative security than just the home listing flyer you present yourself at a higher level of service and resource.

You’re Target

Blanket those areas with a powerful list needed campaign that speak to the mindset of potential sellers and spotlights you as the agent to call when they are thinking of selling now or in the near future. We have got a terrific series of postcards that are getting wonderful results across the country.