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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Jeff Adams Luxury Home Features Important tips for Real Estate Owners

Features typically seen in luxury housing real estate have been included on the wish lists of many homeowners in USA, a new survey from Jeff Adams Real Estate Seminar has found.

More practical features, such as off-street parking, seemed to be lower on the list, which may indicate that Americans have a taste for premium property features. As an effect, these findings could show the preference for features by luxury buyers in the country.

The Bigger homes, swimming pools and al wall painting dining hall were all some of the most popular luxury features that homeowners desired, according to survey results. Extra bedrooms were recognized as the top feature for property wish lists, with 25 % of survey respondents saying they would add more space to their property if they had the option.

Very interestingly, swimming pools were the next most popular desired addition to homes at 21 %. Many homeowners also wished they could install a sauna, home cinema and en-suite bathrooms, which shows a demand for more luxurious options over useful ones.

The homeowners thinking of listing their property for sale in coming months, this research could give some helpful tips for renovation or additions to meet changing tastes and demand. From features like home cinemas to larger scale renovations, there are many opportunity for owners to make valuable add-nos to their homes.

However, before making any renovation to a property, it's important to determine if the investment is going to be worth it once the home is sold. Work out the cost of renovations and speak to an agent to see what kind of price you could get on the sale of your home. Otherwise, investing in the more practical features may be a safer bet, such as off street parking, extra bedrooms and outdoor dining space.

At the same time, this demand for luxury property basics could spell good news for current home owners of premium properties who wish to sell in upcoming months. For help with selling or buying luxury real estate in USA, contact the property experts at Jeff Adams. We have a big network of luxury specialists across the country that can help you achieve your goals.

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