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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Jeff Adams Top Tips for a Successful Open your House

Over the years I have found there are some vital activities to having a successful Open House. The successful Open House means bringing the present Home Buyers to see your Home. Sale will result if the home is priced competitively and the curb appeal is there.

Homeowners 10 tips to preparing for an Open House

1. You have own a single family home, be sure your yard is neat and tidy, newly cut your lawn & tidy up your garden & yard, I find adding black manure to the yard as opposite to bark mulch is more appealing.even ask your neighbor to cut their lawns to help create a feeling of a great street to live on.

2. Remove any extra cars, maybe park them down the street, and make it easy for Buyers to park their cars.

3. Add a new doormat and flowers by the front door; paint any chips or even a fresh coat of paint on the front door.

4. Wash down the outside and clean the windows inside & out when done. Remember we’re trying to make a good first idea with home Buyers.

5. When a buyer first walks in to your home Smell is very important, freshly baked bread or room spray, add to a positive warm feeling of your home. 

6. Remove any Pets for the Open House and Deciliter the whole house, which giving the feeling of roominess in all rooms including cupboards and closets. 

7. Cleanliness is key to a first feeling even if decorating is not in your budget. Lady home buyers fast pick up on a cleaning in house.

8. Talk about with your Real Estate Agent the Open House best days and times in your neighborhood for Buyers...it maybe not what you are expect.

9. A fresh center professional paint job is very effective including the garage and not a huge price. Needs planning like one week or two before your first Open House, Your Realtor should be able to refer a good artist and interior decorator and designer or even a home stagger. 

10. Fix any owes, Paint Chips, scuffs on walls, broken light switch, door, windows, clean floor and shampoo carpets, replace burned out lights fixing all the eye sees sends a positive message that the things that are not seen are maintained too.