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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Guide to Customer Service in Real Estate industry top five steps

Jeff Adams Real Estate Tips A new business is more customer centric than even before. It's not only the quantity of sales that you crack all month but also a huge chunk of it is how you treat your existing clients and generate business through reference. A real estate product & service is no different. In fact, it is slight as the net worth of the manufactured goods is far costlier and valuable than a few packets of biscuits, a mutual fund investment plan.

Following this five steps guide.

Treat any person like a king: 

Buying a home is once in a lifetime act of an individual. Whether it's for the sake of an end use or for the sake of an investment, the prospect is profoundly high. Hence, we need to treat them with the maximum respect that only a dignitary receives. At least it gives the self-assurance to the customer that they are in the safe hands.

Your body is the Language: 

Your personal look ranging from what you are wearing to how you are walking will leave a lasting impression for customer's mind. There is endless flow of information on personal groom, personality development & body language. However, all individual is different with their unique style. Believe me, no matter how much you pretend to be good, your body and eyes will communicate the real language.

Knowledge is Power:

Investment into a property is looked with dual prospects of an end used product or a saving with expectations of high returns. In such situation, the consumer expects advice like an investor. Its part of your service to answer the query, but when you possess the knowledge of a local market, investment returns potentials stc; then you will become their long lasting source of contact. Once you show your scholarly intelligence, a customer will forever become a patron of your service. 

Controller the confidentiality: 

Considering the value of the investment, this is most explosive product to control with for the fraudsters. A number of legalities are involved in such ventures where investment is normally complete as part of consortium. Hence, never disclose details to any partners or unknown party, they may be seeking some profit out of it. Follow all the proper certification as that is only the legal back up for the company, never compromise on any of the customer records to protect your peace of mind.

Deliver promised: 

The most vital aspect of their many fold growth is in their skill to win the confidence of their consumer group. This has been achieved by delivering more than what was promised at the time of sales.