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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Jeff Adams tips Benefits of Buying Residential Home

Jeff Adams tips Benefits of Buying Residential Home everybody wants to own a home. With the falling economy increasing inflation it becomes tricky to save money to buy a home. With a little prudence, you can select the right time to buy a home. Jeff Adams real estate agents say that the fall is the right time to buy a residential home. 

There is a mild chill in the air, Leaves are changing colors. Fall is fast approaching and as a residential home buyer you have to analyze the benefits of buying a home in this season. This fall can turn out to be an attractive time to buy a residential home. 

Here are some fall benefits:

History low mortgage rates:the mortgage rates have risen a little from what they were in March and April; it is still historically low as compared to what it was 20 to 30 years back. A 30 year market survey of mortgage rates has shown that mortgage rates were 18% in 1983 and has come down to 3% to 4% in 2014. Some of the real estate agents feel that you may not get this good chance next year.

There is a slow in real estate buying during fall because many buyers do not prefer shifting to a new area. They would have put their children in schools and would not like to drag them out of school and disturb their routine. If you are a home buyer, you will search less competition and you stand a better opportunity of getting a home of your choice. 

Make some sacrifices:

you are lucky enough; you may find a seller who is willing to make some sacrifices to sell his home fast before winter sets in. They sometimes may be ready to give concession too. Some would have planned winter holidays which might punctual them to sell their residential home fast. They might want to move to a new area and settle down. 

This fall can in fact offer some benefits to you. You will absolutely get a good deal if you get a motivated seller. If you are not willing to make compromise, you may lose a chance of buying a residential home. No one can predict how the interest rates will be next year. Be prudent, make a careful choice and profit from buying a home in this fall.