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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Jeff Adams Real Estate Seminar Tips Duplex Apartments Advantages and Disadvantages

Jeff Adams Real Estate Seminar Duplex Apartments Advantages and Disadvantages People are hopeful that the value of home will value. Well, with due respect to the people's investment capability and their hope, it is better to buy a duplex Apartment. 


1. If you have taken a loan or on the basis of advance bought a duplex, then you can give one part of the flat on rent. Like this you can gather rent and pay off the loan or mortgage. There is also a stipulation for clearing the amount by making your payment double than what the developed (Equated monthly installments) EMI is.

2. The duplex are quite reasonably priced. If you have a shoe string budget, then you can go for duplex. Plus you also receive an attractive rental income.

3. If you own a duplex, it means that you can let some of your family member stay with you. This will be a great payment on your part towards your family. You can keep them close to you and have healthy living.


1. Tenant and Landlords often do not gel well. As a result of which you can face a number of headache, complaints and requirements. To limit the above things, you need to keep up certain rules and regulations and severely ask your tenants to follow them.

2. Tenants, the very word is thoughtful of impermanence. In fact tenants are provisional residents in your house. As a result, for how long you will get the rental income from your tenants is never certain. Therefore, it is very important to choose your tenant wisely.

3. Another disadvantage of duplex Apartment is that you will have to undertake supervise all the major and minor repair works by yourself. Therefore, it is very important to think before you invest in a duplex apartment.

Thus, we see how a duplex Apartment has a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays many go down are also available with duplex apartments that helps to store those things which you do not want to keep in the house. In spite of everything, you will love to live in a duplex Apartment. 

If you choose to take a plunge, then analyze all the aspects. This includes choosing the rightful company, weigh the prices and many other things. If you take a bank loan, then be sure that you have sufficient provision to pay the EMI.