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Monday, 12 May 2014

Jeff Adams said Builders Growth in Communities

Jeff Adams Real Estate Houston boast the most housing starts in the nation last year, and one-third of those starts were in master intended communities, a growing sector for the house building industry.

The U.S., the top 50 master planned community captured 5.4 % of new-home sales in 2013 – a 12 % increase over 2012 One-third of the top 50 master planned communities are in Texas alone.

With MPCs, builders with awareness plan out the housing development, often with a mix of housing types, recreational facilities, retail, and employment centers.

MPCs have been growing in demand worldwide. Among the top 20 MCPs, the average pricing of homes in these developments has increased 16 % over the last year, and by more than 24 % in the last 2 years.

In the past, we have found that during a recession, home values in master planned communities have held up better because of considerate planning that includes mixed-use development with jobs, retail, and professional services, says David Jarvis.

Johnson Builders with Johnson Development, which has opened up some of the nation’s best-selling MCPs in the last year, say that the MCPs nowadays are different from 2 decades ago. They have moved beyond just family-oriented housing to house broader demographic needs.

Family units are changing, so you want a broad array of accommodation types and price points in one community, says Johnson Development COO. We call this directly up addition, with family housing on various lot sizes to town homes and zero-lot-line patio homes that young professional, single parents are paying attention in because they are low maintenance.